Sam & Brad | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography

What can I say? Sam and Brad’s wedding was absolutely beautiful! The ceremony at the church was so intimate. I loved seeing Brad’s expression when he saw Sam walking down the aisle, that’s always one of my favorite memories to capture . The reception at the Piehl Barn was perfect, the love these two shared filled the room and set the tone for a perfect evening. I know the couple, along with their friends and family, will never forget this very special day. I was so honored to be part of it and hope Sam and Brad will be able to relive this day forever when they look at their photographs.


Dustin & Nikki | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography

I had so much fun photographing Dustin and Nikki’s wedding, The day was filled with love, family and friends. The wedding was absolutely beautiful! One of my favorite parts was seeing the expression on Dustin’s face when he saw Nikki for the first time on Polk Street, it was priceless. The ceremony was perfect, the love Dustin and Nikki share just filled the entire chapel. Then we got the reception and the New Year’s Eve celebration was on! This couple and their friends danced the night away and welcomed 2017 in way I’m sure none of them will forget, especially the bride and groom. And when it was over, the couple left in style behind the wheel of an awesome Corvette with fireworks lighting the way to their new life together. I was really a great day and I’m thankful they allowed me to be part of it. Congratulations you two, I wish you nothing but the best for years to come.


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Jessica & Rene | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography

It was really an honor to be able to shoot Jessica and Rene’s beautiful December wedding! They are such a great couple and their reception was a blast. I am so happy for you guys, Congratulations!!

jessica-rene-1 jessica-rene-2 jessica-rene-3 jessica-rene-4 jessica-rene-5 jessica-rene-6 jessica-rene-7 jessica-rene-8 jessica-rene-9

Margarita & Jose | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography

Outdoor weddings are the best! I know the weather can be unpredictable in the Panhandle but more often than not, we end up with beautiful days and that’s the perfect way to describe Margarita and Jose’s wedding day‚Ķbeautiful! I’ll never forget the way the sun shined on the Margarita as she walked down the aisle or the look on Jose’s face when he first saw her. It was a beautiful couple, I wish you both only the very best as y’all walk through life together.

2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_005 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_019 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_025bw 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_026bw 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_033bw 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_038 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_042 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_044 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_046 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_048bw 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_051 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_053 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_054 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_059 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_070 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_071 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_072 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_073 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_074 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_076bw 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_077 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_078bw 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_081 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_085 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_089 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_092 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_097 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_105 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_106 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_108 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_113 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_117 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_120 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_132 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_135 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_138 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_142 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_174 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_177 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_184 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_185 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_197 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_203 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_205 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_211 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_239 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_245 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_263 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_269 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_271 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_286 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_297 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_320 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_325 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_336 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_348 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_362 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_366 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_371 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_382 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_388 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_394 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_397 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_406 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_407 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_409 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_431 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_448 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_461 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_466 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_478 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_507 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_513 2016-8-13-delgado-wedding_516

Jessica & Isaac | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography

I feel so lucky to have been part of Jessica and Issac’s special day, it was perfect. Sometimes you can really feel the love resonating from everyone involved. The couple’s friends, family and of course, the love that Jessica and Isaac have for each other. This room was filled with nothing but love and it was awesome to be a part of. Congratulations you two, I know your love will only grow as y’all walk through life together!


2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_003 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_016bw 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_051 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_052bw 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_057 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_059 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_060bw 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_064 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_068 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_079 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_085 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_087 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_106bw 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_107 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_108 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_112 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_114 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_116 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_121 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_124 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_138 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_155 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_161 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_176 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_182 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_200bw 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_214bw 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_221 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_240 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_280 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_352 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_375bw 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_431 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_446 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_458 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_461 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_470 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_475 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_477 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_481 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_484 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_486 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_489 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_489bw 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_490 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_493 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_497bw 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_499 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_499bw 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_500 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_501 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_502 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_507 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_510 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_521 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_528 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_547 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_548 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_552 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_565 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_566 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_575 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_577 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_577bw 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_587 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_594 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_596 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_597 2016-8-6-jessica-isaac-wedding_602

Venue for Wedding: St. Joseph Catholic Church

Venue for reception: River Falls Bed & Breakfast

Flowers: Freeman’s Flowers

Hair: Salon Gallery for Hair

Make up: Joy Peacock

Catering: Joe’s Catering

Cake: The Cake Company

Music: Trio Cortez

Jordan & Clay | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph this sweet, impromptu wedding at the botanical gardens for Jordan & Clay. They decided to get married about a week before hand and were still able to pull off this beautiful day!

2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_003 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_009 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_015bw 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_016 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_018 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_021 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_040 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_041bw 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_045 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_051 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_052 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_054 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_062 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_059 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_073 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_077bw 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_083 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_094 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_095 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_112bw 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_151 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_153 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_184 2016, 7-8 Armstrong Wedding_194

Chesley & Tyson | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography

Chesley and Tyson had such a beautiful wedding at Willow Weddings. The day could not have been more perfect and fun, I am so happy I was able to be a part of it! Congratulations to the bride and groom!!


2016, 6-25 Garner_048 2016, 6-25 Garner_100 2016, 6-25 Garner_003 2016, 6-25 Garner_138 2016, 6-25 Garner_023 2016, 6-25 Garner_019 2016, 6-25 Garner_027 2016, 6-25 Garner_104 2016, 6-25 Garner_047 2016, 6-25 Garner_136 2016, 6-25 Garner_426 2016, 6-25 Garner_174 2016, 6-25 Garner_179 2016, 6-25 Garner_216 2016, 6-25 Garner_221 2016, 6-25 Garner_227 2016, 6-25 Garner_231 2016, 6-25 Garner_233 2016, 6-25 Garner_237 2016, 6-25 Garner_242 2016, 6-25 Garner_254 2016, 6-25 Garner_261 2016, 6-25 Garner_249bw 2016, 6-25 Garner_263 2016, 6-25 Garner_280 2016, 6-25 Garner_286 2016, 6-25 Garner_308 2016, 6-25 Garner_323 2016, 6-25 Garner_337 2016, 6-25 Garner_354 2016, 6-25 Garner_362 2016, 6-25 Garner_365bw 2016, 6-25 Garner_370 2016, 6-25 Garner_377 2016, 6-25 Garner_385bw 2016, 6-25 Garner_371 2016, 6-25 Garner_385 2016, 6-25 Garner_356 2016, 6-25 Garner_363 2016, 6-25 Garner_368 2016, 6-25 Garner_391 2016, 6-25 Garner_393 2016, 6-25 Garner_166 2016, 6-25 Garner_165 2016, 6-25 Garner_440 2016, 6-25 Garner_444 2016, 6-25 Garner_461 2016, 6-25 Garner_485 2016, 6-25 Garner_491 2016, 6-25 Garner_497 2016, 6-25 Garner_498 2016, 6-25 Garner_505bw 2016, 6-25 Garner_523 2016, 6-25 Garner_553 2016, 6-25 Garner_563 2016, 6-25 Garner_566 2016, 6-25 Garner_586 2016, 6-25 Garner_597 2016, 6-25 Garner_602 2016, 6-25 Garner_617 2016, 6-25 Garner_644 2016, 6-25 Garner_641 2016, 6-25 Garner_420