Mary Jane | Amarillo Baby Photography | Katy Pair Photography

Oh my goodness!! I have really loved getting to see this sweet girl grow through her first year!!

See her newborn photos

2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_036 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_104 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_064 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_002 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_030 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_036bw 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_056 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_113 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_040 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_097bw 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_032 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_055bw 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_052 2015, 1-23 Mary Jane 1y_115bw

Jacob | Amarillo Christmas Baby Photography | Katy Pair Photography


The children were nestled all snug in their beds; While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads….


BabyPhotography_KatyPair1 BabyPhotography_KatyPair5 BabyPhotography_KatyPair4 BabyPhotography_KatyPair2 BabyPhotography_KatyPair6 BabyPhotography_KatyPair0 BabyPhotography_KatyPair3

Campbell 6 month | Amarillo Baby Photography | Katy Pair Photography

Sweet Campbellā€™s newborn photos last December, I am a bit late posting but I will follow up with her 3m and 6m sessions. I love watching these sweet babies grow!

See her newborn session

See her 3 month session

KatyPair Baby05 KatyPair Baby11 KatyPair Baby03 KatyPair Baby15 KatyPair Baby09 KatyPair Baby12 KatyPair Baby01 KatyPair Baby10 KatyPair Baby07 KatyPair Baby06 KatyPair Baby14 KatyPair Baby02 KatyPair Baby04 KatyPair Baby13 KatyPair Baby08

Campbell 3 month | Amarillo Baby Photography | Katy Pair Photography

Sweet Campbell’s 3 month photos

See her newborn session

See her 6 month session

KatyPair Baby17 KatyPair Baby23 KatyPair Baby20 KatyPair Baby27 KatyPair Baby24 KatyPair Baby18 KatyPair Baby25 KatyPair Baby22 KatyPair Baby19 KatyPair Baby16 KatyPair Baby26 KatyPair Baby21

Campbell newborn | Amarillo Baby Photography | Katy Pair Photography

Sweet Campbell’s newborn photos last December, I am a bit late posting but I will follow up with her 3m and 6m sessions. I love watching these sweet babies grow!

See her 3 month session

See her 6 month session


KatyPair Baby31 KatyPair Baby35 KatyPair Baby32 KatyPair Baby29 KatyPair Baby34 KatyPair Baby36 KatyPair Baby28 KatyPair Baby30 KatyPair Baby33

Croix | Amarillo Newborn Photography | Katy Pair Photography

A perfect newborn on the blog today!!

KatyPairPhoto_newborn04 KatyPairPhoto_newborn02 KatyPairPhoto_newborn10 KatyPairPhoto_newborn05 KatyPairPhoto_newborn06 KatyPairPhoto_newborn08 KatyPairPhoto_newborn03 KatyPairPhoto_newborn09 KatyPairPhoto_newborn07 KatyPairPhoto_newborn01

Harper | Amarillo Newborn Photography | Katy Pair Photography

After Harper’s birth session, just a few days later we got to shoot these super cute newborn photos of this special girl!

See her birth session here

See the maternity session here

KatyPair_newborn02 KatyPair_newborn05 KatyPair_newborn10 KatyPair_newborn01 KatyPair_newborn13 KatyPair_newborn09 KatyPair_newborn03 KatyPair_newborn11 KatyPair_newborn04 KatyPair_newborn07 KatyPair_newborn08 KatyPair_newborn12 KatyPair_newborn14

Harper | Amarillo Birth Photography | Katy Pair Photography

I can’t even explain how much I have loved working with Katie and Dustin! I talk about those days where my job is not a job, but an experience were I am so honored to be able to be a fly on the wall during the happiest times of peoples lives, and this was one of those! This was my first birth session and it was with just the right people. Katie and Dustin are so great and I am so happy I was able to capture one of the most important times of their lives. I loved the overwhelming emotions and happiness they had adding a perfect little girl to their family. I feel like I will be connected to them through this experience forever! Congratulations!!

Check out their maternity session here

Check out her newborn session here


2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_004bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_007bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_015bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_016bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_026bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_036bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_037bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_048bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_051bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_052bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_055bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_071bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_075bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_076bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_084bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_089bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_095bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_102bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_105bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_108bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_123bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_127bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_145bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_147bw 2014, 6-13 Harper's birthday_149bw

Katie & Dustin | Amarillo Maternity Photography | Katy Pair Photography

This was such a fun maternity session with Katie and Dustin! They both have such cute personalities and I have had so much fun working with them. I also love love love maternity sessions because pregnant women are so beautiful and Katie is gorgeous. I have had the honor of doing more photos after these that I will share soon!

Check out her birth session here

and her newborn session here


2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity084 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity137 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity015 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity052 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity118 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity106 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity078 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity148 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity084bw 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity094 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity137bw 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity001 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity142 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity146 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity156bw 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity177 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity193 2014, 5-15 Katie & Dustin Maternity148bw

Charlie | Amarillo Newborn Photography | Katy Pair Photography

A sweet newborn session! Charlie was such a cuddly and sleepy baby! Love!


2014, 5-9 Charlie Woodruff nb_019 2014, 5-9 Charlie Woodruff nb_027 2014, 5-9 Charlie Woodruff nb_032 2014, 5-9 Charlie Woodruff nb_024 2014, 5-9 Charlie Woodruff nb_035bw 2014, 5-9 Charlie Woodruff nb_014 2014, 5-9 Charlie Woodruff nb_009bw 2014, 5-9 Charlie Woodruff nb_017 2014, 5-9 Charlie Woodruff nb_049bw 2014, 5-9 Charlie Woodruff nb_002 2014, 5-9 Charlie Woodruff nb_035