AMoA 40 Year Gala | Amarillo Event Photographer

I was honored to take pictures at this great event! The theme include fire breathers, acrobats, jugglers, body painters, and magicians. The purpose was to raise money for our great treasure in Amarillo, the Amarillo Museum of Art.

Project 2: Scantastic

Project 2: Scantastic

I had a lot of fun with this project! This one the objective was to take picture, with my scanner. I had fun looking for stuff around my house to scan. Some things worked better than others (some experimentation not included). I love the way the 3d objects looked captured this way because the depth of field is so interesting! I think these images turned out looking rich and pretty cool!

I hope you enjoy!


Project 1: Patterns

Project 1: Patterns

This project was pretty easy and fun, but definitely already got me thinking about different types of things. I have been looking for patterns everywhere I go, it made it easier to find one of these patterns in my own house. Some are obvious and some are more abstract. Can you guess what some of these close up pictures might be?

Experiments! | portraits in alternative process

I did my photo thesis in school of tintypes of African people and animals you can see some samples here (at the bottom of the page):

I have a passion to do alternative processes and have been working on doing portraits in them! I have attached a couple I have been playing with  below. Part of the beauty of these prints is how they are all one of a kind

silver gelatin on copper:


Lily and Dustin | Bridal at PDC Lighthouse

Lily and Dustin are such a great couple and we had so much fun on this adventurous shoot in Palo Duro Canyon! We hiked to the lighthouse – dress/suit and all. It was pretty hot and we got a lot of exercise and strange looks, but it was worth the work for these pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog today!