Easter mini sessions 2016 | Katy Pair Photography

I am so excited for this spring and I can’t wait to see all the kids cute Easter outfits! I hope you will book an Easter mini with me this year!


Easter mini 2016-01

Jake | Amarillo Kids photography | Katy Pair Photography

I am way behind of blogging, as always…this session was a while ago, but I ran across it and had to post it immediately! Jake is the cutest! He is all boy with his missing front teeth, bunny ears and large amount of energy, I love that I am his photographer 🙂


KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_18 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_11 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_04 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_02 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_10 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_06 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_16 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_07 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_08 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_09 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_13 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_12 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_03 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_01 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_14 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_15 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_05 KatyPair_kiddoPhoto_17

The Rich Family | Amarillo Family Photography | Katy Pair Photography

I have been terrible about getting many family sessions up from the holidays, I love this one though! What a beautiful and fun family! I was truly blessed to work with them!!


2013, 12-16 Rich family-147 2013, 12-16 Rich family-73 2013, 12-16 Rich family-94bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-31 2013, 12-16 Rich family-26bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-51 2013, 12-16 Rich family-89bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-176 2013, 12-16 Rich family-123bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-129 2013, 12-16 Rich family-61 2013, 12-16 Rich family-168bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-77

Greyson | Amarillo Baby Photography | Katy Pair Photography

Greyson is going to be a heart-breaker! I had a smile on the entire time I was editing this session. I had such a great time hanging with Abby and Jason, as always, while taking Greyson’s pictures. He is just such a happy and smiley baby. I doesn’t get much more fun that this as a photographer! I never had posted any of his newborn session, so I included a few below. Enjoy!

2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-63 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-85 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-83bw 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-39 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-35 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-36bw 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-18 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-15bw 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-14 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-74 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-69 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-67bw 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-83 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-78bw 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-57 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-50bw 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-30 2013, 8-2 Greyson Salter 6m-57bw

a few of his newborn images:

Katy Pair-392 Katy Pair-391 Katy Pair-388 Katy Pair-389 Katy Pair-390

Anne Elyse | Amarillo Babies First Year Photography | Katy Pair Photography

I have had the privilege of getting to know this awesome family from Kristi and Shea’s wedding followed by their beautiful little girls photos. I am a bit behind on my blogging so I thought it would be fun to show her first year all together (There might be a few more of these coming). I love babies first year packages because it is so much fun to see these sweet babies grow through that year. It is truly amazing and brings me so much joy!!

1 Year

2013, 5-13 Anne Elyse 1y-31 2013, 5-13 Anne Elyse 1y-40bw 2013, 5-13 Anne Elyse 1y-74 2013, 5-13 Anne Elyse 1y-80 2013, 5-13 Anne Elyse 1y-44 2013, 5-13 Anne Elyse 1y-51 2013, 5-13 Anne Elyse 1y-10 2013, 5-13 Anne Elyse 1y-87 2013, 5-13 Anne Elyse 1y-108 2013, 5-13 Anne Elyse 1y-109 2013, 5-13 Anne Elyse 1y-97

9 Months

2013, 2-8 AnneElyse9m_KatyPair_06 2013, 2-8 AnneElyse9m_KatyPair_30 2013, 2-8 AnneElyse9m_KatyPair_45 2013, 2-8 AnneElyse9m_KatyPair_28 2013, 2-8 AnneElyse9m_KatyPair_62 2013, 2-8 AnneElyse9m_KatyPair_68 2013, 2-8 AnneElyse9m_KatyPair_13 2013, 2-8 AnneElyse9m_KatyPair_27 2013, 2-8 AnneElyse9m_KatyPair_23

6 Months

2012, 11-9 Anne Elyse 6 months_KatyPair_014 2012, 11-9 Anne Elyse 6 months_KatyPair_046 2012, 11-9 Anne Elyse 6 months_KatyPair_062 2012, 11-9 Anne Elyse 6 months_KatyPair_004 2012, 11-9 Anne Elyse 6 months_KatyPair_067 2012, 11-9 Anne Elyse 6 months_KatyPair_008 2012, 11-9 Anne Elyse 6 months_KatyPair_013

3 Months

2012, 8-17 Anne Elyse3m_KatyPairPhoto-14 2012, 8-17 Anne Elyse3m_KatyPairPhoto-29 2012, 8-17 Anne Elyse3m_KatyPairPhoto-52 2012, 8-17 Anne Elyse3m_KatyPairPhoto-59 2012, 8-17 Anne Elyse3m_KatyPairPhoto-39 2012, 8-17 Anne Elyse3m_KatyPairPhoto-6

Olivia 3rd birthday | Amarillo Birthday Photography

I have been way behind on my blogging as you can see! Below are some photos from my nieces 3rd birthday party. I was so happy to spend the day watching her have fun with her friends, jump, play and have lots of cake! I makes me happy I moved back to Amarillo to share these special days with the people I love!

The Parson Family | Amarillo Family Photographer

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Amy and Michael over the past couple years and they are such great, loving, and godly parents! I was so excited to get to spend the evening with them photographing them and their super cute (and energetic) kids! They have a truly beautiful family!


Josephine and Olivia | Amarillo Baby Photographer

So I might be a little bit partial, but I think these might be about the two cutest girls ever! Ok ok, yes I am related, but look at those big beautiful eyes! I always have fun taking pictures of my nieces. This is Josie at 3 months and she is such a smiley baby she just brightens my day. There is not much better than her smiling at me when she hears my voice. Olivia is in here a little as well, she is getting close to being 3 and is developing such a cute personality, I love the last two pictures of her because it really shows her wild curly hair and captures her energy! Whew, she is hard to keep up with! I am one lucky Aunt!!

Rachel | Amarillo Family Photographer

I had so much fun getting to spend the morning with Rachel and her Dad, this was a surprise for Mother’s day so they had to sneak out of the house for these. I loved being a part of their surprise! Rachel is such a fun girl with a great personality, can you tell from her photos??