Book Project


South Africa book photo of the day: End the year with one of my favorites….It is no secret that I love peacocks. They are so beautiful!


South Africa book photo of the day: The face that only a mother could love =)


South Africa book photo of the day

I have been working on the book a lot lately and it is finally taking some form! I am so excited to be fully in this project, and am really starting to looking forward to the final product! I couldn’t resist sharing this image today! It is another of my favorites.


South Africa book photo of the day


Below are a couple images I am contemplating for my book

As I have been going through all of these pictures I have been reminiscing about my trip to South Africa and all of the awesome things I saw, all of the fun I had with Bryan Marjorie and Ian, and finding lots of fun pictures that might not work for the book but I want to share anyways! A few are below:


It has been a while since I posted anything! Well, this project is very near and dear to my heart. I went to South Africa about 6 years ago to shoot my photography thesis for school. My thesis subject was animals and people on tintypes (I love alternative processes!) I will post a few of those today! I used 25 images for my thesis and have many many more images. I have decided I want to make a book of black and white photos that I took in South Africa. So I am planning to post some pictures here and there to spark some interest and get your opinions! I have no idea how long this might take me, but my goal is to try to get it published. Thanks so much for taking your time to look!!

I will start now with a few tintypes,  and will add black and whites as I go =)

2 comments on “Book Project

  1. Sandy says:

    Oh wow!!! This is amazing. Definitely a winner

  2. Steve Myers says:

    Great shots!!!!
    Can’t wait to have it on my coffee table!

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