Britney & Brett | Amarillo Wedding Photographer | Katy Pair Photography

I loved being a part of Britney and Brett’s Wedding! Britney was a gorgeous bride, they were so much fun to work with! I wish you both the happiest ever after!

Britten16 Britten09 Britten07 Britten06 Britten08 Britten02 Britten01 Britten04 Britten05 Britten03 Britten10 Britten11 Britten12 Britten13 Britten31 Britten32 Britten30 Britten20 Britten19 Britten18 Britten15 Britten17 Britten14 Britten21 Britten22 Britten23 Britten24 Britten26 Britten27 Britten41 Britten28 Britten40 Britten33 Britten35 Britten29 Britten38 Britten36 Britten37 Britten42 Britten44 Britten45 Britten43 Britten46 Britten49 Britten48 Britten47 Britten51 Britten52 Britten50 Britten53 Britten54 Britten56 Britten55 Britten61 Britten58 Britten59 Britten63 Britten60 Britten57 Britten64 Britten62 Britten65 Britten66 Britten67

Wedding Coordination: Lorraine Wilhelm with Amarillo Classic Events and Juile Jones with St. Thomas
Dress: Brides
Reception: Lorraine Wilhelm with Amarillo Classic Events and Katie Miller & Andrea Reinert with the Amarillo Club
Hair: Courtney Brakebill at Shear Elegance
Make up: First Impressions by Patti Stapp

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