Whitney & Seth | Amarillo Wedding Photographer

I am so happy to be able to share this beautiful wedding between Whitney and Seth! I got to know Whitney while shooting her bridals and I knew she was so sweet and so I knew her wedding was going to be a lot of fun. Seth gave her so many sweet looks throughout the day, I love that so much. It was such a pleasure and an honor to be a part of their special day!

See her bridal photos here


KatyPair_BryanWedding10 KatyPair_BryanWedding01 KatyPair_BryanWedding02 KatyPair_BryanWedding11 KatyPair_BryanWedding07 KatyPair_BryanWedding08 KatyPair_BryanWedding09 KatyPair_BryanWedding03 KatyPair_BryanWedding06 KatyPair_BryanWedding13 KatyPair_BryanWedding14 KatyPair_BryanWedding12 KatyPair_BryanWedding60 KatyPair_BryanWedding53 KatyPair_BryanWedding15 KatyPair_BryanWedding16 KatyPair_BryanWedding17 KatyPair_BryanWedding18 KatyPair_BryanWedding19 KatyPair_BryanWedding20 KatyPair_BryanWedding21 KatyPair_BryanWedding22 KatyPair_BryanWedding23 KatyPair_BryanWedding24 KatyPair_BryanWedding25 KatyPair_BryanWedding26 KatyPair_BryanWedding27 KatyPair_BryanWedding36 KatyPair_BryanWedding37 KatyPair_BryanWedding35 KatyPair_BryanWedding28 KatyPair_BryanWedding29 KatyPair_BryanWedding30 KatyPair_BryanWedding32 KatyPair_BryanWedding31 KatyPair_BryanWedding33 KatyPair_BryanWedding34 KatyPair_BryanWedding42 KatyPair_BryanWedding39 KatyPair_BryanWedding40 KatyPair_BryanWedding41 KatyPair_BryanWedding38 KatyPair_BryanWedding43 KatyPair_BryanWedding61 KatyPair_BryanWedding44 KatyPair_BryanWedding45 KatyPair_BryanWedding62 KatyPair_BryanWedding46 KatyPair_BryanWedding48 KatyPair_BryanWedding47 KatyPair_BryanWedding49 KatyPair_BryanWedding50 KatyPair_BryanWedding54 KatyPair_BryanWedding52 KatyPair_BryanWedding69 KatyPair_BryanWedding70 KatyPair_BryanWedding55 KatyPair_BryanWedding56 KatyPair_BryanWedding57 KatyPair_BryanWedding58 KatyPair_BryanWedding59 KatyPair_BryanWedding63 KatyPair_BryanWedding64 KatyPair_BryanWedding65 KatyPair_BryanWedding66 KatyPair_BryanWedding67 KatyPair_BryanWedding68 KatyPair_BryanWedding51


Ceremony: Saint Paul Methodist church

Reception: Happy Community Center

Dress: David’s bridal

Flowers: Catherine Huseman/ J & E wholesale

Hair: Miranda

Catering: Skip Simon

Cake: Ashley Knorpp

Music: Ben and Janda Bressler

First Dance: Then by Brad Paisley

21 comments on “Whitney & Seth | Amarillo Wedding Photographer

  1. Loved the pictures. They are the cutes couple. Katy you really did a great job with the pictures.

  2. Sarah Hobbs says:

    Great pics!!!!! Such a pretty wedding!!!

  3. Kallie Barley says:

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful wedding!

  4. Sarah Ryan says:

    These pictures turned out awesome!!!! It portrays the day so beautifully! We all had a great time getting to know you Katy! Whitney and Seth are so perfect together and you see that through these pictures!! 😍

  5. Nan says:


  6. cara ramirez says:

    Love the pictures!

  7. Kristen Mccain says:

    Amazing pictures for an amazing day! Love my whit!!!!!

  8. Maci Bryan says:

    Can’t wait to see the rest of them! What a beautiful wedding day!

  9. Nina Hunter says:

    The pictures came out amazing!! Whitney you were such a beautiful bride!

  10. Jennifer Pierce says:


  11. Madlyn Rees says:

    Georgeous pics!! Hard to get a bad one of this beautiful bride! Looks like a wonderful time! ❤

  12. Brittany Huseman says:

    Love these pictures!!! You did a great job!

  13. Tracy Huseman says:

    Great pictures and very fun wedding!!!

  14. Jessica says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  15. Kim Longino says:

    Beautiful wedding pictures of a special couple!!

  16. Michelle says:

    Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures!

  17. Trisha Duncsn says:

    Beautiful pictures of the sweetest people!!

  18. Colby Huseman says:

    Awesome, fun day!!! GREAT PICS!!!

  19. Bryan huseman says:

    These pictures are awesome. I’m proud to be a part of Seth and Whitney’s wedding

  20. Ashley leven says:

    Beautiful pics!

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