Ronnie & Kelly | Amarillo Proposal Photography | Katy Pair Photography

Ronnie called me with an extra special request, he said he and his girlfriend Kelly would be driving through Amarillo on a road trip from Austin and he was planning to propose at the Cadillac Ranch. They were doing a contest to see who could do the best patriotic drawing on the Cadillac. He wanted me there to capture the event, and it was AMAZING!!

I had to guess which couple was them, since I had not met them before, luckily there were lots of people out there so Kelly wasn’t suspicious of the fact that I was taking pictures of them. It was so much fun to watch how great of a time she was having getting into her piece of art, as he was right behind her writing will you marry me on his Cadillac. I was so nervous for him I had butterflies in my stomach, I can only image his range of emotions!

People at the Cadillac Ranch started noticing what he was doing and I over heard a guy say, “is this really happening?!” as a group of people gathered to cheer as Kelly walked around to see the words written on Ronnie’s Cadillac “Will you marry me?” She was so shocked and happy as she said “YES!”

This was one of those days where I know I have the best job in the world to be able to be a part of such special moments in people lives. I am so happy I was able to do this session for Kelly and Ronnie!!! Congratulations!!!2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_026 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_009 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_015 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_025 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_023 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_029 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_033 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_038 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_042 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_045 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_046 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_048 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_049 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_052 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_074 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_059 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_056 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_083 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_087 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_090 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_085 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_092 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_068 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_081 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_080 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_079 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_066 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_070 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_093 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_107 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_106 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_099 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_097 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_096 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_095 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_094 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_101 2014, 7-3 Ronnie&Kelly_063

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