Lillian | Amarillo Newborn Photography | Katy Pair Photography

I have been so excited to share this session because Lillian is so precious! I have been so happy to be able to work with this family, I have such a great time and I am so excited I will have more sessions with them so I can see Lillian grow! Enjoy these photos of this adorable baby!

These are the photos when they first found out they were having a GIRL!


Katy Pair Photography_Baby01 Katy Pair Photography_Baby13 Katy Pair Photography_Baby08 Katy Pair Photography_Baby15 Katy Pair Photography_Baby18 Katy Pair Photography_Baby10 Katy Pair Photography_Baby03 Katy Pair Photography_Baby07 Katy Pair Photography_Baby09 Katy Pair Photography_Baby21 Katy Pair Photography_Baby11 Katy Pair Photography_Baby02 Katy Pair Photography_Baby19 Katy Pair Photography_Baby05 Katy Pair Photography_Baby17 Katy Pair Photography_Baby14 Katy Pair Photography_Baby04 Katy Pair Photography_Baby12 Katy Pair Photography_Baby16 Katy Pair Photography_Baby06

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