Nicole | Amarillo Bridal Photography | Katy Pair Photography

I had so much fun on this bridal session with Nicole. I could tell she felt beautiful in that dress and was having so much fun! It made my job easy because she was so gorgeous and full of smiles!! I can’t wait to share her wedding photos!!

IMG_3206v IMG_3165 (1) IMG_3329v IMG_3356 (1) IMG_3395 IMG_3278 IMG_3215v IMG_3206 (1) IMG_3293 (1) IMG_3406 IMG_3426 IMG_3489 IMG_3528 IMG_3655 (1) IMG_3610 IMG_3732 IMG_3743 (1) IMG_3773 (1) IMG_3837 IMG_3877 IMG_3853 IMG_3943 IMG_3889 (1) IMG_3917 (1) IMG_3949 (1) IMG_4056 IMG_4310 (1) IMG_4269v IMG_4204 (1) IMG_4129 IMG_3943 (1) IMG_3764 IMG_3742 IMG_3743v IMG_3657 (1) IMG_3600 IMG_3574 IMG_3544 (1) IMG_3523 IMG_3448 IMG_3467 IMG_3415 IMG_3407 IMG_3399

One comment on “Nicole | Amarillo Bridal Photography | Katy Pair Photography

  1. Jayne Ritter says:

    Katy, Thanks so much for the awesome job you did on Nicole and Benji’s “project”. These Bridal are stunning!!! Now that the wedding is past, they seem even more beautiful.
    I can’t wait to see the pictures from the wedding! I’m sure it will be equally difficult to pick-out those too!!
    Thanks also, for the great job you did shooting the wedding, You girls were EveRyWheRe..!… It was fun watching you work. You’re amazing!!
    I guess the next Brooks “project” will be baby and family pics. lmbo….
    It was a pleasure to work with you,
    Warm regards,

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