Mandi & Matt | Amarillo Engagement Photography | Katy Pair Photography

Mandi has been one of my closest friends for, geez, about 17 years…well that makes me feel old! I had the pleasure of taking some engagement photos of her and Matt. It made me so happy to be able to capture these memories for them, and it is such an honor to me to be able to play this part in Mandi’s memories!

Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_116bw Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_036bw Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_057 Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_091 Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_048 Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_045bw Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_036 Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_012bw IMG_6971 Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_115 Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_081bw Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_084 Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_079 Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_073 Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_070 Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_050bw Mandi&Matt_KatyPair_109bw IMG_6971bw

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