Luciano Wedding | Amarillo Wedding Photography

Marisella and Salvador Jr. Are such a great couple! I was so lucky to get to spend some time getting to know them during their engagement photo session and then have the pleasure of spending their special day with them. They both have such great families and I had so fun fun taking photos of them dancing the night away! They had the best music at their wedding!! Marisella and Salvador, I wish you the very best!!!Luciano_KatyPair_354bw Luciano_KatyPair_177bw Luciano_KatyPair_163 Luciano_KatyPair_171bw Luciano_KatyPair_160 Luciano_KatyPair_144bw Luciano_KatyPair_017 Luciano_KatyPair_049 Luciano_KatyPair_015 Luciano_KatyPair_062 Luciano_KatyPair_125 Luciano_KatyPair_010bw Luciano_KatyPair_359bw Luciano_KatyPair_192bw Luciano_KatyPair_189bw Luciano_KatyPair_149 Luciano_KatyPair_201bw Luciano_KatyPair_202 Luciano_KatyPair_214 Luciano_KatyPair_215 Luciano_KatyPair_222 Luciano_KatyPair_225 Luciano_KatyPair_242bw Luciano_KatyPair_294 Luciano_KatyPair_288 Luciano_KatyPair_249 Luciano_KatyPair_250 Luciano_KatyPair_308 Luciano_KatyPair_313bw Luciano_KatyPair_428 Luciano_KatyPair_428bw Luciano_KatyPair_433 Luciano_KatyPair_446bw Luciano_KatyPair_398 Luciano_KatyPair_182 Luciano_KatyPair_420 Luciano_KatyPair_422 Luciano_KatyPair_423 Luciano_KatyPair_344 Luciano_KatyPair_455 Luciano_KatyPair_478 Luciano_KatyPair_561 Luciano_KatyPair_598bw Luciano_KatyPair_602 Luciano_KatyPair_673 Luciano_KatyPair_357 Luciano_KatyPair_351bw

Venue for Wedding and reception: Grand Event Center

Dress: Davids Bridal
Hair: Marissa (friend)
Make up: Gina (friend)
Catering. Aviles family (friend)
Cake: Art (friend)
Music: Scotty and Angie Warren Amarillo DJ Entertainment

12 comments on “Luciano Wedding | Amarillo Wedding Photography

  1. Marisella Luciano says:

    I love em! 🙂 Cant wait to order some!! Thank you so much Katy!! 😀

  2. Jessica says:

    Such gorgeous pictures of a beautiful couple! Congrats Mari!! Love ya girl!

  3. Sheri Garcia says:

    Beautiful pics! Mari you look stunning! Congrats again.

  4. adele says:

    Awesome pictures you look so beautiful Mari and handsome couple

  5. Marissa says:

    Beautiful wedding!! Congratulations!!!!

  6. Nicole bernal says:

    Love that night had so much fun!!! 🙂

  7. Salvador says:

    Love em.

  8. Nicole bernal says:

    Was a awesome wedding love it had a blast! Love you!

  9. Christopher Monroe says:

    Awww the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. my only regret is I wished my partner and I could have made it to your big day. Love you cuz more then you know.

  10. Robert Lopez says:

    Beautiful. Sorry we missed it.

  11. Tabitha says:

    What a beautiful bride! That was an amazing wedding.

  12. Jesus Rodriguez says:

    Those pictures are great.

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